Test Analytics

Motoom provides the observer with a range of analytical data on the tests, thereby making it possible to evaluate the results quantitatively.

To view detailed analytics, click on a test in the list of tests.


Test duration.

Distance ratio

The ratio (𝑑∕𝑟) of the drawn spiral length (𝑑) to the reference spiral length (𝑟). Both spirals are pre-straightened. The more distorted the drawn spiral, the greater the distance ratio. The smallest possible value is 1, which means that both spirals are equal.


The count of path fluctuations of the straightened drawn spiral alongside the direction of drawing. The more distorted spiral has more deviations.

Deviations sum

The sum of the deviations. The minimum possible value is 0 and means that the drawn and reference spirals are equal. The more significant distortions the drawn spiral has, the greater the sum of the deviations. The mean deviation is the ratio of the sum of deviations to the number of deviations.

Fourier transform

The Fourier transform is applied to the drawn path to detect fluctuations with a constant frequency. The x-axis represents the frequency from 1 to 10 Hz. The y-axis is the amplitude of the oscillation.