Track tremor degree remotely with the online spiral drawing test

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How it works

Spiral drawing is one of the standard tests used to assess tremor severity for the clinical evaluation of medical treatments.

Motoom allows the observer to evaluate test results not only qualitatively, but also quantitatively. It calculates deviations from the reference path, acceleration changes, and other useful parameters. It also allows the observer to track the dynamics of these results.

Motoom How It Works

Motoom enables remote testing, as the observer provides the test taker with a unique link to the web page of the test. Using the mouse cursor on their own laptop or desktop computer, the test taker draws a spiral. The test results automatically appear in Motoom for observer analysis.

Motoom How It Works

We take into account the possible state of the test taker, so the test interface is extremely simple, and registration is not required.

Motoom does not make a diagnosis. Only a certified doctor can evaluate the condition of the test taker.

Motoom How It Works

How to start

Motoom How To Start

To get started as an observer on Motoom, you need to create an account. You will be asked to enter a valid email address, which will grant you personal access to your data.

Motoom How To Start

When the account is created, you can add the profile of the first observable. You will find a unique link to the test page in their profile. Send this link exclusively to the test taker.

Motoom How To Start

The person being tested should open the link in their computer browser. The test will start automatically when the test taker hovers over the red circle at the beginning of the spiral, and it will end automatically when they move the cursor to the end of the reference path.

Motoom How To Start

When the test has been completed, you will be able to see the results on the observable's profile page. When more tests are taken with the same link, the dynamics of calculated parameters will be displayed.

Data protection and security

We understand the importance of protecting the privacy ​​of both our users and their test takers.

We take all reasonable measures to protect their data. It is encrypted and stored in the most advanced data centers, using cutting-edge technology security. Backup copies of the data are made every 24 hours.

We do not share personal data with third parties. The data is anonymized. We also urge our users to choose fictitious names or numbers for the profiles of their observables.

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